Effect of pH and Ageing Time in the Preparation of A Ceramic Drug Delivery Carrier

Sasikumar Swamiappan


Hydroxyapatite is the inorganic constituent present in the bone and it is used as a drug delivery carrier in hard tissue regeneration applications. Hydroxyapatite was prepared by simple precipitation technique and the effect of experimental parameters on the phase formation was studied. Calcium nitrate tetra hydrate and diammonium hydrogen phosphate were taken as the calcium and phosphate source. The calcined powders were characterized by Fourier - Transform Infrared spectroscopy to identify the functional groups present in the product and also analyzed by powder X-ray diffraction to identify the phases present in the product. Results showed that the product formed is pure hydroxyapatite and it confirms that aging time and pH of the system plays a significant role in the phase formation.

Keywords: Hydroxyapatite, Aging time, pH, Precipitation technique, Powder XRD; Ceramic Drug Delivery Carrier.


Antimicrobial, Chitosan, Elicitor, Defense mechanism, Induced resistance.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25258/ijddt.v8i01.11902


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