pH Dependent Release Potential of Natural Polymers in Sustained Release of Ornidazole From Colon Targeted Delivery System

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Sharma Pankaj
Tailang Mukul


The aim of present work was to prepare colon specific delivery system of Ornidazole using different ratio of shellac, zein and guar gum. From study of various literature it revealed that shellac, zein and guar gum released drug from dosage form at the pH of 6.9, 11.5, 7-9 respectively. The main problem associated with colon targeted drug delivery system is degradation of drug in the acidic environment of stomach to circumvent the present problem different combinations of shellac, zein and guar gum were employed in the formulation of colon targeted tablet. Several preformulation parameters were determined such as melting point, FTIR spectroscopy, preparation of calibration curve, determination of λmax and partition coefficient. After the preformulation studies, next steps were preparation of core tablets, evaluation of core oftablets and coating of tablets. The data obtained from preformulation study seven formulations were developed and evaluated for various parameters. Based on evaluated parameter such as weight variation, friability, dissolution study, invitro drug release etc. the F7 formulation show better results colon targeted tablets. Drug content in F7 formulation was 95% and drug release after 6 hrs was 96%. Formulation containing combination of shellac, zein and guar gum released least amount of drug in the acidic environment of stomach and released most of the drug in colon. It is evident from above discussion that targeted delivery to colon will result in lesser side

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