Preparation and evaluation of granisetron chewable pediatric oral jelly

Zahraa Mohammed Kadhim*, Wedad K. Ali*


The aim of this study was to formulate granisetron (GSN) in a new dosage form using natural substances and to improve pediatric patient compliance to achieve maximum drug efficacy. GSN is a 5HT3 receptor antagonist that used as prophylaxis for prevention of nausea and vomiting before radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This dosage form was selected because of sharing both the advantages of liquid and solid dosage forms. In this study, two types of natural jellifying agents have been used in different concentrations. The natural jellifying agents which have been used were gelatin and caragennan (CRG). The effect of jellifying agent and their concentrations have been investigated. Six formulations of (GSN) oral jellies were prepared by heat and congealing method and the prepared jellies were evaluated by measuring their pH, content uniformity, drug-polymer compatibility, syneresis, physical stability, general appearance and production yield. Among the prepared formulations, formulation F1 with 4.5% gelatin was considered the best one, since it gave the highest drug release 99.4% in 15 min with acceptance results for all other evaluation test.


GSN, gelatin, CRG, oral jelly.

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