An Evaluation of Hemoglobin Concentration in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Karem Kdaer Karem, Saba Ibrahim Salih, Wafaa Kadhim Jassim


The second type of diabetes Mellitus is the most common type of diabetes, its represent about 90-95% of diabetes cases. In this disease, the response of the body to insulin does not occur properly in a condition known as insulin resistance. The diabetes may accompany with anemia because the hormone erythropoietin (EPO) which is produced by the kidneys is regulates red blood cell production and the Kidney has been damaged at several levels as a complication of diabetes, the complication range from diabetic nephropathy to chronic kidney disease. This study was conducted at the AL-Kafeel Hospital, Kerbala from October 2016 to December2016. The study included 60 adult patients with age range from 43-67 years and having diabetes mellitus type 2. Fasting blood sugar and Hb tests were made and accompanied with other information like age and duration of diabetes mellitus. The results show that 43% of diabetic patients had anemia and there is a strong negative connection between Hb levels and the duration of getting diabetes (p0.01). We conclude from this study that anemia is may developed in Type 2DM patients and the diabetic patients should be taken care of toprevent the development of diseases and other complications.



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