Hydrated Polymer System as Efficient Carrier for the Delivery of Drugs Against Viral Infections

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Cinu Jacob
Ramya Devi
Vedha Hari B N


Hydrogels are crosslinked polymers which has the ability to absorb water in aqueous media.Hydrogels are being prepared by different methods such as suspension polymerization, chemical or physical crosslinking, solution polymerization, radiation polymerization etc., and using different types of polymers. Hydrogels exhibiting swelling mechanism have been extensively used as drug carriers in the controlled drug delivery systems. The wide application of these biomaterials is due to its characteristics such as swelling in the aqueous environment, specific response to the pH, temperature, ion, electric stimuli sensitivity etc., Hydrogels of biocompatible polymers have good loading capacity and so widely used for the encapsulation of drugs which can be targeted to the specific sites. Since the rate of drug diffusion from hydrogels can be controlled, these materials are potentially useful as drug delivery systems. Controlled release of many drugs including anticancer and antiviral agents has been efficiently done using hydrogels. Especially various anti-HIV drugs have been successfully formulated as hydrogel systems for the controlled release and prolonged action. Bilayer and multilayer hydrogels have grown importance in recent days, wherein a burst release followed by controlled release could be achieved
for superior therapeutic action at reduced dose and side effects. Also the efficiency of incorporating more than one drug in different layers of hydrogels is being investigated to improve combination therapy for various disorders.

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