Bacteriological Study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Tonsillitis Patients

Zahraa Hameed Oda Alquraishi, Israa Abdul Ameer Al-Kraety, Aqeel A. Alsadawi


Present study included (50) clinical samples were collected from patients suffering from tonsillitis signs during the period from) November 2018 to January, 2019). All specimens were cultured for microscopic and microscopic study.
Results show that from 50 patients, male was 60% and 40% were female. Several morphological, physiological and biochemical tests showed that P. aeruginosa constituted 18 isolates (36%) of these isolates. P. aeruginosa isolates were 18 isolates diagnosed by the morphological ,cultural and biochemical characters, the identification was confirmed by automated VITEK-2 compact system and molecular method for the presence of OprL.
The results showed that only 12 (66.6%) isolates diagnosed as P. aeruginosa by automated VITEK-2 compact system and that was carrying OprL which are diagnosed as P. aeruginosa by P.C.R. According to the different diagnostic above, VITEK and PCR method were more sensitivity for P. aeruginosa detection among tonsillitis patients


Tissue culture, Solanum tuberosum, Micropropagation and Gas exchange

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