The Metabolic Effect of Walnut in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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Ahmed I Rashid
Iyden K Mohammed
Rusul A Kadhem
Nisreen Al-Bayati
Entisar J Al Mukhtar


Background: Herbal therapy play a documented role now in preventing and preventing different diseases and may alternate medicinal treatment. The aim of the study was evaluation the high dose of walnut ingestion on metabolic syndrome in the polycystic ovarian patient as lipid profile, fasting blood sugar, and insulin in comparison with metformin. Conclusion: treatment with high dose walnuts have a beneficial effect on oxidative stress, not by scavenging free radicals generation only, but also by protecting antioxidant status, that leading to decrease oxidative damage to lipids, so it serves in improving metabolic disturbances and to decrease the side effects of chemical treatment of PCOs.

How to cite this article: Rashid, A.I., Mohammed, I.K., Kadhem, R.A., Al-Bayati, N. and Al Mukhtar, E.J. (2019). The Metabolic Effect of Walnut in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. International Journal of Drug Delivery Technology, 9(4): 593-596.

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