Synthesis and Characterization of Poly (CH/AA-co-AM) Composite: Adsorption and Thermodynamic Studies of Benzocaine on from Aqueous Solutions

Abbas N. Karim, Layth S. Jasim


The research includes the preparation of cross-linking hydrogel (polo (CH-(AAc-co-Am). The method; polymerization of the free radicals by using the Chitosan as initiator for the reaction, also with the help of KPS and TEMED as cofactors. The mixture gets treated by Acrylic acid and Acrylamide that include MBA as a cross-linking agent. The adsorption was proved by using the FT-IR and FE-SEM analysis. In addition, TGA showed that the hydrogel is stable in high temperatures. The thermodynamic study of the hydrogel was performed by using the Benzocaine Drug, which includes measuring the Entropy and Enthalpy and Chips energy. It also showed that the hydrogel is governed by Freundlich and Temkin equations, and the adsorption from the Pseudo-second order model. The adsorption is a Physical and Exothermic. The adsorption time was 120Minutes.


Adsorption, Benzocaine, Desorption, Hydrogel, Polymer.

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