Simple and Rapid Method For Estimate of Propranolol With Bi (III) Via Long-Distance Chasing Photometer (NAG-ADF-300-2) Utilization Continuous Flow Injection Analysis

Nagam S. Turkey, Elham N. Mezaal


A simple, sensitive and rapid method was used for the estimate of: Propranolol with Bi (III) to prove the efficiency, reliability and repeatability of the long distance chasing photometer (NAG-ADF-300-2) using continuous flow injection analysis. The method is based on a reaction between propranolol and Bi (III) in an aqueous medium to obtain a yellow precipitate. Optimum parameters were studied to increase the sensitivity for the developed method. A linear range for calibration graph was 0.1-25 mmol/L for cell A and 1-40 mmol/L for cell B, and LOD 51.8698 ng/200 μL and 363.0886 ng /200 μL , respectively to cell A and cell B with correlation coefficient (r) 0.9975 for cell A, 0.9966 for cell B, RSD% was lower than 1%, (n = 8) for the determination of propranolol at concentration (0.5,10 and 25) mmol/L, respectively to cell A and cell B. Results were compared with classical methods UV-Spectrophotometric at λ max = 289 nm and turbidimetric method by using standard addition method via t-test at 95% level confidence. The comparison of data explains that long-distance chasing photometer (NAG-ADF-300-2) is the choice with extended stellar detection and broad application.


Attenuation of light, Continuous flow injection analysis, Diverged light, Fluorescence, Propranolol.

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