Stability Test of Glycosaminoglycan and Achasin in Snail (Achatina fullica) Slime and Its Gel Formulation

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Lia Agustina
Fenita Shoviantari
Dimas Aditya


Snail slime (Achatina fullica) contains glycosaminoglycan, which can accelerate wound healing and achasin, which has antibacterial activity. The Objectives of the study to determine the stability of the protein in snail mucus in three different storage conditions. The snail slime stability test was carried out in two ways, namely the determination of protein content by the Lowry method and seeing the stability of the achasin and glycosaminoglycan proteins by the SDS PAGE method. In addition, the formulation of snail slime gel was made with a variety of gelling agents, namely Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) and Carbomer. Protein concentration showed a decrease in protein concentration, but the SDS-PAGE result showed that the decrease was not inactive protein (glycosaminoglycan and achasin). Further study should be conducted to evaluate stability in long time with different excipient and also the effectiveness of formulation in accelerate wound healing. According to the result, we are observed, the snail slime was successfully formulated into a gel with HMPC and carbopol as a gelling agent.

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