Determination of Metochloropramide Hydrochloride by Spectrophotometric Method by using Diazotized p-nitro aniline reagent

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Walaa A. Abd Alrada
Intidhar D. Sulaiman


New simple, sensitive, accurate, and inexpensive spectrophotometric technique has been developed for the estimation of Metochloropramide hydrochloride [MCP-HCl] in pure and pharmaceutical preparation. This technique is based on the diazotization of a primary amino group of Metochloropramide hydrochloride [MCP-HCl] with NaNo2 and HCl followed by coupling with p-nitro aniline in alkaline medium to obtain a stable red-colored water-soluble azo-dye, show a maximum absorption (λmax) at 513. 50nm. Bear,s low is obeyed in the concentration range of (0.2-25) μ with molar absorptivity of 2.313× sandall’s sensitivity 0.0145 μ The limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitative were 0.182 μ 0.553 μ, respectively. The proposed technique successfully applied to (tablets, syrup, and injection).

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