Loranthus Europaeus is an Alternative Medicine in Treatment of Cyst and Mouth Inflammation Resulted from Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer

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Ali A.H Aljeboory
Nazhat M. Abdlkareem Al-Zubaidi


The natural product continues to be important as a source of novel drugs because these drugs do not need a sophisticated instrument, cheap resources, less toxic, no resistance to them by bacteria compared with the synthetic drugs. However, the natural product will continue to be important in addition in three areas of discovery, they are a target for production by biotechnology, as source of new lead compounds of a novel chemical structure and as the active ingredients of useful treatments divided from traditional systems of folkloric medicine.1 The herb Loranthus Europaeus leaves, and fruits were used in Iraq traditional medicine for the treatment of inflammation, tumor, and antimicrobial infection.2 For these reasons, we tried to use the phytochemical and pharmacological studies to approach to their bioactive products as a new source for medicine. The extraction of an active constituent of Loranthus Europaeus (flavonoids terpenoids and alkaloids) by using chromatography method using a thimble of suxlet with different organic solvents. The ethyl acetate extract contain flavonoid, which contains quercitin and quercitrin. The active ingredient mixture of L.E. leaves extract have used as a mouth wash for female patient different age have breast cancer and under treatment with chemotherapy. We found that the bioactive martial extracted from L.E. used as mouth wash cause the cure of the inflammation of the mouth of those ladies. In addition that humans of different sexes complaining of cyst attached to one of their tooth treated with different types of antibiotic there was no response but when have given an antibiotic with bioactive agents of this L.E. there was complete cure of the cyst and there was no need for operation which give the possibility of presence of one or more of these (quercitin and quercitrin) active agents act as positive Nanocarrier of the antibiotic to the cyst directly and cure it.

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