Antacid Studies of Newly Developed Polyherbal Formulation

Joydeep Mazumder, Devender Pathak, Rachna Kumria


A lot of herbal plants are used across the globe to remedy various diseases. Herbal treatment is an alternative form for
medicine where natural herbs and their extracts are used to cure a situation. Some drugs are proved to contain
pharmaceutical ingredients suitable for treatment of stomach acidity or ulcers. The present work deals with the claim that
a polyherbal formulation can be formulated which can be used as an alternative to already existing antacid formulations in
the market. Therefore, some selected herbs with the tendency to neutralize acid in the stomach are selected and a
formulation is formed. Microemulsion of oil showed higher stability with droplet size in the range of 110-410nm. The
product then screened for in vitro antacid properties which showed significant positive response


Rosette-rise test, antacid, polyherbal, microemulsion

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