A Systemic Review on Ophthalmic Hydrogel in Contact Lenses

Kurniawansyah Insan, Mita Soraya


There has been a recent advances in the field of microbiology where hydrogels contact lenses can be extend as the new
ophthalmic drug delivery. Rather than the conventional eye drops, these hydrogels can minimize the side effect also
prolonged the residence time of drug. Hydrogels are three-dimensional, hydrophilic, and polymeric networks capable of
absorbing great volume of water and biological fluid. Hydrogel becomes the leading material for contact lenses because
its biocompatibility and transparent characteristic. The purpose of this article is to review on few types of ophthalmic
hydrogel in contact lenses and its application.


hydrogel, contact lense, drug delivery, ophthalmic

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25258/ijddt.v6i3.8894


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