Design and Evaluation of Chronotherapeutic Delivery of Terbutaline Sulphate by Pulsincap Technology

Sreejan M., Krishnaveni V., Sai K., Satyavathi K., Bhojaraju P., Madhubabu M.


The aim of the present research was to develop pulsincap formulation of terbutaline sulphate for chronotherapeutic colon
targeted delivery. Formaldehyde treatment was done to increase the disintegration time of capsule body. Hydrogel plug
was prepared by combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers to obtain the exact degree of swelling. Based on the
disintegration time of the capsule bodies, M3 formulation was selected for preparation of pulsincap. The powder blend was
prepared by varying the concentration of sodium starch glycolate and sodium bicarbonate concentration with terbutaline
sulphate. The pulsincaps were formulated with the optimized concentration of sodium starch glycolate and sodium
bicarbonate sealed with prepared hydrogel plug. FTIR study confirms that there was no incompatibility between terbutaline
sulphate and polymers. The drug content was estimated by using pH 7.4 buffer solution and it was found to vary between
97.37 ± 0.67 % to 100.45 ± 0.25 %. The swelling study was carried out by using three different buffer solutions and found
in the range of 50.12 ± 0.21 %to 56.75 ± 0.61 %. Formulation F9 was found to have the desired time dependent drug
release pattern, and hence was considered as the optimized formulation. From this study, it can be concluded that the
pulsincap formulation can serve as a useful technique for time dependent colon targeted delivery of terbutaline sulphate.


Terbutaline sulphate, pulsincap, chronotherapeutic, hydrogel plug, swelling index.

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