pH Triggered In-situ Gelling Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System

Kurniawansyah I S, Rahmi F, Sopyan I


Eyes are delicate and most vital organs of the body whose defence mechanism restricts entry of exogenous substance.
Conventional drug delivery systems get washed off within a short period of time that usually cause poor bioavailability
and therapeutic responses because high tear fluid turnover and dynamics cause rapid elimination of the drug from the eye.
In-situ gelling ophthalmic drug delivery system is one of the new methods that is developed to overcome this bioavailability
problems. In-situ gelling systems are viscous polymerbased liquids that exhibit sol-to-gel phase transition on the ocular
surface due to a change in a specific physicochemical parameter like temperature, ionic strength, or pH triggered in-situ
systems. Using this formulation of pH triggered in-situ gel systems, the release of drug can be sustained for longer periods
of time, therapeutically more efficacious, non-irritant and stable than conventional eye drops.


in-situ gel, ophthalmic drug delivery, pH triggered, sol-to-gel phase transition.

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