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1. Novel Polymeric in Situ Gel Forming System for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery
Kranti Pal Singh, Suraj Pal Verma
In the present update controled and sustained drug delivery has become the standard in modern Pharmaceutical design and an intensive research have ben undertaken in achieving much beter drug product efectivenes, reliabilty and safety. This interest has ben sparked by the advantages shown by in situ forming polymeric delivery systems such as ease of administration and reduced frequency of administration, improved patient compliance and comfort because of sustained and prolonged action in comparison to conventional drug delivery systems. The formation of gels depends on factors like temperature modulation, pH change, presence of ions and ultra violet iradiation, from which the drug gets released in a sustained and controled maner. Various biodegradable polymers that are used for the formulation of in situ gels include chitosan, pluronics, xyloglucans, hydroxy propyl methyl celulose, carbopol, gelrite, gelan gum, hyaluronic acid and alginates. Mainly in situ gels are administered by oral, ocular, rectal, vaginal, injectable and intraperitoneal routes. From a manufacturing point of view, the production of such systems is les complex and thus lowers the investment and manufacturing cost. The present study focused on the polymers used in the preparation of in situ geling system for the ophthalmic drug delivery

2. Isolation and Identification of Phenolic Compounds from Boswellia ovalifoliolata Bal. & Henry and Their Free Radical Scavenger Activity
Savithramma N, Linga Rao M, Venkateswarlu P
Boswelia ovalifoliolata Bal. and Henry (Burseraceae) is a potential medicinal tre used traditonaly in the treatment of ulcers, inflammation, arthrits, obesity and diabetes. The present study aimed to isolate phenolic compounds from stem bark and gum and test for the abilty of the extracted phenols of Boswelia ovalifoliolata. Total 78 phenolic compounds were obtained when the plant materials were procesed through 70% acetone and poly vinyl poly pyrolidone; and characterized by U.V. Visible spectrometry, High performance liquid chromatography/ electrospray ionization mas spectrometry. Among the isolated phenols, 28 phenolic compounds have ben identified based on their retention time and m/z values. These phenols have showed god antioxidant activity the highest hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) radical scavenging effect of the isolated phenolic compounds has ben recorded at 81.8% when compared to the DPH; and superoxide ion activites with reference to ascorbic acid. This study ilustrate the rich aray of phenolic compounds and their fre radical scavenging activity of stem bark and gum of Boswelia ovalifoliolata could be utilty as health beneficial bioactive compounds.



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